Feet Reflexotherapy;

Feet reflexology

Feet reflexology is one of the acupressure method – a type of massage by making a pressure on specific points named reflex.
Pressure, stimulation and making relaxation massage on specific points of our feet causes self healing body.

Through the work on a receptors the therapist supports patients body in :

  • cleaning from toxins,
  • unlocked energetic channels – meridian
  • relaxation the body & mind

Feet reflexology allows to help in such ailments as:

  • stres and nervous tension
  • improves blood circulation,
  • promotes ineffective glands
  • supports the treatment of asthma and allergies,
  • in disorders of sleep and memory
  • sciatica and constipation,
  • helps to heal pain and supports the body’s defense system.

The treatment starts from foot precise analysis, then feet are washed in warm water and disinfected.

After than we can start the appropriate treatment which is: foot relaxation, works on receptors and
relaxing massage.

Feet are the mirror of the body.

The therapist can define where is the disorder and which part of body is weakerthen the others.
One of the main contraidication are:

  • cancers,
  • mycosis( fungal infection)
  • infectious diseases
  • all the wounds on the feet

Reflexology is the very safety and very effective method. So it is worth a try.

Let’ s do something for the body. It will be thankful!