Physiotherapy Perivale, Greenford and West London


Physiotherapy is the diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal problems and/or sports injuries. Treatment incorporates all aspects of health education including acupuncture (dry needling), electrotherapy, mobilization, manipulation and exercise therapy.

Acute injuries are assessed and treated to settle immediate symptoms. An individually tailored rehabilitation programme is then formulated with that person’s exercise goals in mind to bring them back to their pre-injury health.

At Manual Med we take an holistic approach that involves the patient directly in their own care.


What we do

At Manual Med our professional and highly qualified physiotherapists work closely with other experts in Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training so that you can improve and maintain optimal mobility and core stability specific to your needs.

Rehabilitation used in Physiotherapy

  • Exercise programmes that are specific to the individual’s problem
  • Muscle imbalance correction
  • Clinical Pilates exercises
  • Stability ball work
  • Direct liaising with your personal trainer/gym to advise them on appropriate exercise for you
  • Preventative advice
  • Postural re-education
  • Ergonomic assessment for work place, home or sport
  • Appropriate stretching