Our patients' opinions are very important to us!

'Had a fantastic deep tissue massage with Agnieska. Full body but shoulder back and calves done. Very beneficial. The location in Perivale is a bit out of the way, but definately worth the effort as Agnieska is so good and welcoming.'  Hazel H. 22 January 2018

'I came to Manual Med in a very fragile state with my back. It was because of my two consecutive pregnancies that I was racked with back pain. On top of that I had "unable-to-walk" and "suddenly-falling-on-the-street" episodes, which can be very common during pregnancy.
I went straight-ahead for the 10 weeks treatment. 
I am pleased to say, that after 7 of the 10 weeks, the treatment got me back on my feet. And now I have hardly any pain left on my back! Plus, I have never expected this, but, it really helped me with losing almost all the PREGNANCY WEIGHT (only 3Kg left). Attention, mothers! :) I strongly recommend this clinic! Careful, thoughtful, courteous treatment. Warmly recommended!
Thank you, Krzysztof & Evelina! Great team at Manual Med!'
Adri Sz.11 December 2017

'little bit hard to find the location but the staff and service was amazing. definetly got a fantastic deal.' Keisha S 03 December 2017

'Great professional' Alejandro C 23 November 2017

'كان عندي الم في الرقبه أيضا ثقل في الضهر ، زرت Manuel Med عدة مرات بعد ان سمعت فقط ايجابيات عن الفيزيوترابي والمساج وخبرة ااطاقم.
في الحقيقة لقد استفدت كثيرا و اشكر خصيصا Chris وأتمني لهم التوفيق.'
Jad 29 July 2017

'Highly recommended. Such lovely, friendly people.' Krzysztof, 18 March 2017

'I'm Super8 Polonia player and I was suffering from few injuries so far. Every time I'm going for help to Manual-Med because from the very first visit they proved they are simply the best. Krzysiek (Krzysztof Klimek) looked after me with my first injury (ligament injury) and he provided very professional and super friendly service. Because of him I came back on court strong and very quick.
My the latest problem was with my upper back. I couldn't move my arm and was suffering for constant pain which didn't allowed me to function properly at work and practice with my team. I would recommend her extremely highly to future clients.'
Katarzyna, 05 March 2017

'I came across Manual Med on recommendation from a neighbour and in the nine months of physio I have learnt how all my ligaments, muscles and body frame work and how they are all linked. Prior I was struggling to put weight on my feet due to pain, unable to use feet correctly, my body was falling apart and creaking and I wasn't standing straight. With regular attendance I see amazing progress. I'm standing taller and can move freer and am beginning to perform better at sport. Parts of my body that never functioned correctly are now beginning to work. I now see the value of looking after your body so you move with little effort. Easy to get appointments to suit as they are open long days. All the staff very helpful.' Kathleen, 09 February 2017

'V good relaxation massage' Monica, 27 November 2016

'Very nice friendly relaxing 👍🏻' Kerri,11 November 2016

'Highly recommended. I'm happy with my treatment' Tomasz, 12.10.2016

'The massage was fantastic and the best I have ever had and I have had a fair few.' Davinder, 3 October 2016

Really greatly performed massage - right points are massaged to the correct level of intensity' Sergey, 2 October 2016

'My massage therapist was very professional and an expert at what he does. Very relaxing massage for body and mind. I highly recommend it although it was my first time for this type of massage there was no awkwardness'    Regina, 18 September 2016

'Relax and enjoy' Anzelika, 18 September 2016

'There massage is good but the physio is not enough time as the initial chat takes up most of the time' Meenakshi, 28 August 2016

'Very professional, friendly environment and great results' Alejandro, 19 August, 2016

'The therapist was very friendly and informed me about ways to continually relax and change my posture' Miss T, 04 August, 2016

'The therapist who done my Lomi Lomi massage was amazing! I left feeling revived' Siobhan, 28 July, 2016

'Very relaxing massage different to most but great experience'   Lorna, 28 July,2016

'Highly recommended' Marcin 11 August, 2016

'Looking forward to the next session with Krzysztof. Only done the first one and feeling 10 times better already!' Daniel, 20 June 2016

'It's probably the best alternative therapy that i have ever had, Joanna is so nice.' Majella 20 June, 2016

'Highly recommended. Have already recommended you... can't think of anything thanks sessions really helped' Simonetta 26 May, 2016

'After first treatment by Krzysztof Klimek I see:) and I feel big difference. It is amazing. His knowledge is incredible.
I'm impressed and I highly recommend it.'
Marta 20 May, 2016

'A huge thank you to Manual Med for all their work with IBB Polonia Volleyball Club and myself this year. All of their expertise and help kept our team healthy and injury free thoughout the 2015/16 volleyball season. It's been great to have access to such excellent care. Thank you again!' Jamie 11 May, 2016

“Clinical feel. Well trained staff.” Meenakshi 29 April, 2016

'Very friendly and helpful staff,reception always answer calls if not they call back asap. They knowledge and experience is huge. My situation is difficult to deal with but after ten sessions I feel big difference.I want to continue my physiotherapy as long as I need to.I highly recommend them!!!!!' Martin 23 April, 2016

'One of the best massages received.' O S M 13 April, 2016

'The personnel have a good understanding of the importance of massage to provide both comfort and relaxation.' Niharika J. 26 March, 2016

'The personnel have a good understanding of the importance of massage to provide both comfort and relaxation.' 25 March, 2016

'You're very professional!!!' Aleksandra, 19 March, 2016

'Such lovely, friendly people.' Krzysztof, 18 March, 2016

'Highly recommended. Joanna is so lovely and good at her job' Deborah, 11 March, 2016

'Highly recommended. The massage I had was very relaxing' Lorna, 11 March, 2016

'Really professional and friendly reception staff to greet you then you go into Dr Chris for him to work his magic.. Amazing results I highly recommend.' Jacqueline 4 March, 2016

'Very professional and high quality service.' 1 March, 2016

'Highly recommended. Will definitely come back' Jad, 23 January, 2016

'Highly recommended. You guys are amazing...' Agnieszka, 15 December, 2015

'Highly recommended. I’ve been in other physio clinics before with various problems, but Manual Med proved to be the most efficient.'  Krzysztof, 10 December, 2015

'Good service' Muhammad A. 26 October, 2015

'Received the tip of massage I like - more of a sports medicine approach than cosmetic' Anthonia C. 24 October, 2015

'Best massage I've had to date from the various places I've been to. Will definitely recommend to others and will use again myself. Didn't realise it had been operating for nearly 2 years, so maybe advertising/leafleting local residents may be an idea.'  Nav T. 22 October, 2015

'Best massage l ever had will definitely be going back' Elizabeth O 10 October, 2015

'I left feeling relaxed and tension free, have recommended to all my friends and family.' Sharonjit S. 08 October, 2015

'Thank you for a knowledgeable , friendly, and wonderful massage' Glenda F. 08 October, 2015

'thank you so much for the amazing massage i feel so much better already and will book in again!' lily l. 04 October, 2015

'Thanks for the best deep tissue massage I have had will definitely be going back next month and will recommend it to friends.' 24 September, 2015

'Great service' Nicola W 24 September, 2015

'I will be going there for follow up appointments but it would have been nice to get a special price for follow up sessions, which I didn't get offered.' 18 September, 2015

'Very professional / experienced physio massage. Knew all the points on the body and was very knowledgeable re issues I had with my neck, shoulder and lower back. Gave me some good tips to take away with me.' 15 September, 2015