Mariusz Soboniak

Mariusz Soboniak

I have started my adventure with working with children during my studies in the field of resocialization. In 2009, when I was on my 4th year of studies, I started working with the National Autism Society in Szczecin, Poland. The position of the younger assistant showed me how working with children with autism spectrum looks like. I worked as an assistant to a person with Asperger's syndrome. I accompanied children at school, watching over the correctness of relations with others. The year 2009 is also the beginning of postgraduate studies in the field of oligophrenopedagogy.

2010 was the time when I started working at the Intergovernmental Kindergarten of Health. The National Autism Society has given me a large experience in working with adults with the autism spectrum.

During my work, I went through the following trainings:
- alternative forms of AAC communication,
- behavioral therapy in working with people with autism spectrum disorders - 3 ABA modules,
- course in therapy of Weronika Sherborne.

The kindergarten gave me a chance to work with young children. That place ran classes for children aged from 2.5 to 6 years. In the Integrative Nursery of Health, behavioral therapy (ABA) was the main method of working with children with autism, Asperger's syndrome and other difficulties in functioning. Difficult behavior, learning to communicate, and training social skills are the main pillars that we focused on when working with a small patient.

After some time, I felt that something was missing out of my therapeutic work. I had the impression that I was working with symptoms and effects, not causes. My interest in sensory integration therapy was growing day by day. I have completed a two-year, two-step course in sensory integration.

In 2013, I gained the qualifications to conduct therapy and diagnosis in the field of sensory integration. From that time I worked at my own office in Stargard and in many kindergartens and clinics.
I carried out hundreds of hours of therapy, I diagnosed dozens of children with difficulties in processing sensory stimuli.


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