Krzysztof Klimek

Krzysztof Klimek

Krzysztof Klimek


I am a master degree physiotherapist educated multi-directional - specialising in musculoskeletal therapy, craniosacral therapy and acupuncture. My passion is the movement of the human body, and the impact of the human psyche towards the attitude of the human body. Everything in the body is interconnected and a holistic approach in therapy helps me find all the possible causes of disorders in patients. I am fascinated how our psyche impacts on the posture and patterns of our movement. I try different therapeutic approaches in working with a patient, I can influence the habits of movement, muscle tension and responses to stress. This type of therapy lets me provide comprehensive treatments against pain and determine its cause.

I started my adventure with physiotherapy in 2003 when I graduated first professional physiotherapy school. I gained my first practical experience during voluntary work in the Charity “Daj Szanse” (eng. Give A Chance), when I was taking care of children with Celebral palsy. It gave me two years training in the Doman-Delacato method.

When I finished my first stage of education I started work as a Physiotherapist in Grudziadz in thre outpatient surgery. At the same time I started my Master degree training in Olsztyn.

In 2007 I moved to the inpatient ward in the Regional Specialist Hospital as a Physiotherapist and team leader. My main responsibility was the work related with pain management in long-term treatment and in hospice. I also worked as community Physiotherapist dealing with patients who had a long hospital stay.

In 2010 I moved to Synapsa Sport in Torun as a Physiotherapist, Supervisor of Sport Manual Therapist. I worked with the well-known professional sports personalities. I was also a physician coach and player in AZS UMK Torun in the volleyball section. 

After a few years of work in Poland I decided to come to England. I worked at the medical practice My Medyk Medical Centre and in 2014 I moved to Manual Med which is all about physiotherapy here is where I have options to develop my skills further. 


Competed courses:

  • “Complex Lymph Drainage” Torun 2007
  • “Radiology Diagnostic” Olsztyn 2008
  • “Kinesiology Taping” Warsaw 2009
  • "Manual Holistic Therapy” Sieroslaw 2010
  • “Anatomy Trains – Manual Therapy Extended” Warsaw 2010
  • “Mulligan Concept – mobilization with movement” Warsaw 2011
  • “Anatomy Trains – Spine Tensegrity” Ciechocinek 2011
  • “Craniosacral Therapy 1” London 2013
  • “Scoliosis” – Oxford 2013
  • “Craniosacral Therapy 2” London 2013



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