Kinesiology Taping is non-invasive method that stimulates regenerative processes of the body, without using any other active substances.

It affects the body both at rest and during physical activity 24 hours a day. It limits the number of injuries in sport.

General application types of Kinesiotape:

  • back pain
  • body-posture correction of posture, scoliosis flat feet
  • post-traumatic muscles and joints
  • states overload muscles and tendons
  • dislocations, sprains, contusions
  • accelerating the absorption of a hematoma, pleural
  • weakened muscle stimulation
  • muscle relaxation excessively busy
  • joint protection
  • analgesic
  • reduction of inflammation
  • reducing the stagnation or reduction of ranges of motion
  • proprioceptive stimulation (deep sensibility).