Joanna Klimek, Reiki Master, Crystal Healing, Reiki Drum

Joanna Klimek


My name is Joanna and I'm a Master of Reiki attunement in the Usui System of Natural Healing and a Crystal Healer.

My work with energy started a few years ago. During this time I have been working mainly on self-cleaning and self-healing to be able to start healing other people. All of this has helped me understand how much work it takesto break your own patterns, and that the pure cosmic energy in connection with the earth energy, which surrounds us, can be a source of health. All you need is to open yourself to this power and read signals that your body / soul is trying to show during the therapy.

These years of practicing have made me realize how great support of self-healing gives systematic, daily meditation, combined with Reiki therapy that can be also enhanced with other powerful appliances (like drum, gemstones, etc.).

When I graduate to I attunement of Reiki, I started regular work with patients. In the first half of 2016 I decided to dig deeper into the work with energy and I've enriched my knowledge of working with crystals. Second half of 2016 brings me opportunity to conduct Reiki energy with drum, which I have found to be interesting, particularly amongst those who find it difficult to 'deactivate' the mind.  All of this helped me opened myself to a new perception of the world. Everyone is different and comes with different emotional baggage. When working with energy, both Reiki and Crystals know exactly where to hit, so that real healing can take place. 

Come and let the energy heal you.



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