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Crystal healing

For centuries the crystals were used for healing. In all beliefs one can find records of medicinal and sacred impact of gemstones and crystals. Both the tales of Native American or Aborigines, in the Vedic texts, in the Old Testament, the Muslim and Rabbinical sources - all without exception say that the crystals were a gift from gods. Crystals were perceived as a connection of humanity and divinity and are still used in various ceremonies, among others, by priests, pastors or shamans. 

Thanks to that fact this ancient method survived to this day, in the era of chemicalization and consumerism, we are able naturally and non-invasivly improve our health and general wellbeing.

Crystal healing is a holistic method and works both on the physical, emotional and spiritual level, so this treatment regenerates and balances us on all levels of life. Modern uses of ancient traditions are complemented by new ways of treatments in order to take maximum advantage of therapeutic crystals effect.

There are more and more scientific evidences for the impact of gemstones and crystals on the human body. Simple study showed, that placing crystals around the head of the patient, changed EEG records. Everybody can easily test the power of stones on their own skin. Just apply a crystal to the forehead, and after a while you will feel pleasant throbbing on your forehead, which also calms and balances. There are many crystals and gemstones that appropriately selected can help with many ailments.

Crystal healing session is carried out in a very individual way. This is an intensive process, and appropriate preparation is required, purification and recharging the stones. The treatment carried out by a specialist is to unblock, cleanse and balance the patient. After the first session the patient gets a special gift - a crystal, which will further strengthen the healing and protect after returning home.

Wondering how crystals and gemstones can help you in everyday life? Especially for you we have prepared some of main stones, their special properties and how they can affect to our bodies.