Anna Bukala

  Anna Bukala 

Special educator, Sensory Integration Therapist, Hand Therapist

I graduated the University of Warmia and Mazury specializing in special pedagogy - oligophrenopedagogy and Medical VocationalCollege at the physiotherapy department. I gained the certificate of Sensory Integration Therapist and Hand Therapist.

I have several years of experience working with children in the norm as well as with intellectual and motor disabilities. I gained them by working as a physiotherapy technician in the Polish office of physical rehabilitation and in educational institutions as a special pedagogue. I am specialized in working with children with developmental defects, Down Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome, Autism and other dysfunctions. Every day I deal with the diagnosis and therapy of sensory integration and early support of development. I also improve the functions of small motor skills and conduct social skills training with children from the Autism spectrum and the Asperger Syndrome.

Selected courses and training:

  • “Understanding ADHD - working with a psychologically hyperactive child”
  • “Teaching directed as an integrated system of rehabilitation, education and care for children with early brain damage and their families”
  • “Early Child Development - Support for Developmental Disabilities, Autism, or Major Speech Disorders in Children”
  • “Methods of working with a student with autism”
  • “Art therapy in educational activities" (1st and 2nd grade)”
  • “Moving Developing Veronica Sherborne" (1st grade)
  • “Autism, Asperger's Syndrome. Work with the child with overall
  • developmental disorders based on behavioral techniques
  • "Neurophysiological basis Sensory integration processes" (Integration Course Sensory 1st degree)
  • "Diagnosis and integration therapy Sensory (Sensory Integration Course 2 nd degree)
  • PNF - basic course
  • “Original play" - basic course
  • “Assisting the child with MPD independence”
  • “Sensory integration therapy in working with autistic child”
  • “THERAPY HANDS. Module I. Working with children with disabilities and children at risk of developing abnormalities (with special focus on autism spectrum disorders and MPD)”
  • “THERAPY HANDS. Module II. Graphomotor”
  • “AAC - Supporting and Alternative Ways to Communicate" 2nd degree course”
  • "Social Skills Training group therapy for children with the autism spectrum"
  • "Diagnosis and Hand Therapy" (course I and II degree in global perspective)