Agnieszka Koscik-Soter

 Agnieszka Koscik-Soter


I am a master degree physiotherapist, for whom the work is a passion. The most important for me is individual and holistic approach to the patient and the problem with which they come.

In my work I combine elements of : the PNF method, kinesiology taping, manual therapy and myofascial. I use strong and healthy regions of the body in therapy. This allows me to use the reserves, that the patient has. I treat the patient as a partner in therapy. Together we set goals and scope of action. I emphasize positive attitude and good motivation.

I started my education in physiotherapy in 2004, at the first professional physiotherapy school. In 2005 I started my physiotherapy studies at Medical University in Lublin and in 2010 I graduated with Master Degree of Physiotherapy .
During my studies I was working as a volunteer in the hospice in Koszalin.  In the meantime I was working with my own with individual patient.

In 2010, after my studies, I moved to District Hospital in Bialogard. There I started to work in Neurological Rehabilitation Department of Stroke sub-ward, as a physiotherapist and coordinator . I have worked in this place for several years , where I dealt with the different neurological,  orthopedic , cardiac, geriatric and palliative patients.

Completed courses:

  • PNF – basic and advanced- A.Lizak –2015, 2016 - Pogorzelica
  • Kinesiology Taping – 2015, Koszalin
  • Massage with hot stones – 2014, Kołobrzeg
  • Foot Acupressure – 2015, Kołobrzeg
  • Massage Chinese cupping – 2014, Kołobrzeg
  • Comprehensive anti – dema therapy – 2015, Kołobrzeg
  • Manual trigger point therapy – 2016, Kołobrzeg
  • Manual Therapy Techniques in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation – 2017, Szczecin


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